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What to do in Quebec, Canada

By touring - Posted on 13 December 2009

Adventurous Things to Do in Quebec

You'll find every type of adventure in Quebec, from whalewatching off the Gaspé region to downhill skiing near Mont Tremblant.. If excitement is what you crave, then Quebec has the authentic outdoor adventure for any thrill seeker. include hiking, scenic bike trips, snowmobiling and much more. There's something for everyone in La belle province! Canadian Holidays | Outdoor Adventures in Quebec

Click on any town or city name to see where it's located and what adventurous things to do. Locations are approximate and are for planning purposes only. An information bubble will open on the map, with a link to the page that shows outdoor adventures and local accommodations. Click on the link to see a list of things to do in Quebec on your next Canadian Holiday.

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