Field, BC

By touring - Posted on 14 February 2010

Field, BC

is a small service town located near the Alberta/BC border. It still acts as a service facility for the Canadian Pacific Railway and is surrounded by many scenic hikes and natural wonders in the Rocky Mountains.

The railway travels through the center of the town and the whistle can be heard echoing through the valley. Field BC is the quintessential Canadian Rocky Mountain town, surrounded by towering peaks and visitors should stop by as they travel on the Trans Canada Highway.

This photo was taken along Highway #1 heading east towards Field, BC in mid-October. Winter had already arrived at this elevation (1243 m/4073 ft). Even in the afternoon sunshine, the air was crisp & cold. The Kicking Horse River was almost frozen.

The town is located in and has a Travel Alberta Visitor's Center (Lake Louise, Alberta is only 27 kilometers away).

History of Field BC

The town was built by the CPR to house helper locomotives push trains over the steep inclines of the Kicking Horse Pass. Today those large engines are gone but the quaint town of Field BC still remains.

Field (population 250) was named after , the American business man who laid the first trans-Atlantic cable between North America and Europe.

Driving Directions to Field, BC.

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Tourist Attractions around Field, BC

Since Field BC is so small, tourist facilities are limited. There are a few bnb's and restaurants but no large motels, hotels or restaurants. However, the scenic wonders and adventures are huge! Things to do include:

  • Hike the Burgess Shale.
  • Drive to the base of .
  • Spend a romantic getaway at or Lake O’Hara. Canoes and rafts are available for rent.
  • White water rafting down the Kicking Horse River. This is glacial water and it's cold, even in summer.
  • Check out other things to do in Golden, BC.

The glacial melt-water in the lakes surrounding Field, BC is turquoise blue and emerald green.

For those diehard backcountry enthusiasts, there's a voluntary safety registration program is available. Register at the Visitors Centre at Field BC and leave your contact details and itinerary. You must register out upon your return to prevent a costly search & rescue. Also check out other .

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