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Things to do in BC

By touring - Posted on 12 November 2009

I love British Columbia. This western-most province in Canada has spectacular scenery from its coastal shores to its highest snow-capped peaks.

There are so many scenic destinations throughout BC that visitors won't see all of the beauty on one trip.

Within hours of any location, you can travel to an entirely different geography that offers different views, adventures and .

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Nestled in the southwest corner of the province is the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver, at the mouth of the Fraser Valley. This scenic metropolis offers oceanside walks along the Georgia Strait and alpine escapes in the surrounding Coast mountains.

The city is famous for the seawall in and Grouse Mountain Tram which towers behind the city.

Current Time (Vancouver)

There are plenty of urban things to do in Vancouver but the city also appeals to outdoor-lovers with its lush temperate rain-forest that wraps the city like a thick green blanket.

For good reason, the city of Vancouver has been rated one of the most liveable cities in the world (except for its traffic).

Things to do in BC - Victoria, BC
Morning on the Inner Harbour (Victoria, BC).

Victoria is the capital city of BC and is a small picturesque citOy of 400,000 on Vancouver Island, two hours away by ferry from the city of Vancouver (no, the city of Vancouver is not located on Vancouver Island but rather on the mainland).

The mild Mediterranean-like climate gives Victoria, BC a feel of openness with laid-back excitement. Just outside the city limits, the towering trees of the rainforest offers plenty of things to do including hiking, cycling and birdwatching. Golf is a year-round activity around Victoria.

For those more adventurous, visitors can get their thrills from backpacking the famous , hanging from a zipline, plunging into a canyon from a bungee jump or even kayaking with a pod of whales.

What most travellers to Victoria miss is the rural and ocean playground that awaits them just outside the city limits.

Things to do BC - Gulf Islands
Sunset over the Gulf Islands, BC

The province of BC has many faces. If you're looking for a scenic escape, even for a brief few days, the Gulf Islands between Vancouver & Victoria may be your secret haven.

These small islands, with some of the most expensive real-estate in Canada, offer a modern getaway in a quiet, scenic paradise. A sedate from Vancouver and Victoria is a perfect way to start your journey to these nature preserves.

I love the BC coast but the majestic mountains of the interior offers some memorable alpine escapes that the coast doesn't offer.

The most famous is the village of Whistler, BC, nestled in the snow-capped peaks 2 hours north of Vancouver. It boasts the largest ski resort in North America and summer outdoor activities like golf, zip-lines and nature tours. It may be a bit pricey, but Whistler, BC is unforgetable.

In the center of the province is the arid Okanagan Valley which is the fruit and wine producing region of British Columbia.

Lake Okanagan is over 110 kilometers long and the area boasts over 150 wineries whose specialties are bogolais, chadninaies and the world-famous ice-wines of Canada. This drier region of BC has plenty of accommodations and things to do throughout the year.

Along the on the eastern border of the British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains have some of the most spectacular alpine scenic views in the world.

Things to do BC - Mount Robson, Rocky Mountain
Hiking around Mount Robson in the Rocky Mountains.

Mount Robson is the highest peak in the BC and is easily accessible from Kamloops or Jasper, Alberta.

Spectacular hikes around the base have large, uncrowded views of turquoise-coloured lakes surrounding by the cold, rocky face of the mountain. It's a classic Canadian scenic view.

For more adventurous people, the Berg Lake hike up the back side of Mount Robson will create lasting memories of the splendor of BC.

Tip from a traveller - I've travelled around the globe and found the best tasting water IN THE WORLD in Valemount and Blue River, BC. I have noticed a local rivalry!

The coffee made from this hard, mountain water is the best I've tasted on 4 continents! DELICIOUS (especially with French toast & maple syrup).

Super, natural British Columbia offers plenty of scenic things to do for those looking to exploring the natural beauty of western Canada. Spectacular scenery can be seen along every scenic drive, every forested hiking trail and every quiet shore line. The splendor of BC, Canada awaits.

What to do in BC

  1. Bike or walk in Stanley Park, the jewel in Vancouver's crown.
  2. Drive the Sea-to-Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler. During a sunset, it's beautiful to drive on a curvy mountain highway overlooking the ocean.
  3. Experience Whistler from a zip line, a gondola or from the pedestrian-only district. The Whistler area is pricey but the memories are priceless.
  4. Take a 1.5 hour cruise a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. The Gulf Islands look so peaceful and tranquil as the ferry chugs past.
  5. Go smell the flowers in the Butchart Gardens near Victoria, BC.
  6. Go for a scenic drive along the just outside of Victoria, BC. On a clear day you can see the Mt. Baker Volcano in Washington State.
  7. Explore Victoria's Inner Harbour and historic downtown district. Tour the BC Parliament building, the Undersea Gardens and take a harbour tour on a water taxis.
  8. Spend an afternoon whale-watching off the coast of Vancouver Island.
  9. Relax on a easy nature walk along the Galloping Goose Trail near . This place is known as 'Nature's Gallery'.
  10. Go for a wine tour in the Okanagan.
  11. Head into the interior and discover one of the most beautiful areas in BC, Kootenay Country.
  12. Disappear from the urban world and seclude yourself on a Gulf Island.
  13. I can go on and on...

National Parks in British Columbia

Things to do BC - Rocky Mountains
The BC Rockies along the Trans Canada Highway (Yoho National Park).
  • Kootenay National Park
  • Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
  • Gwaii Haanas National Park
  • Gulf Islands National Park Reserve
  • Mount Revelstoke National Park
  • Yoho National Park

Border Crossings in BC

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