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Roadside Attraction in Wawa, Ontario - The Wawa Goose

By touring - Posted on 01 December 2009

Roadside Attraction in Wawa, Ontario - The Wawa Goose

The good-ole Canada Goose. Beautiful and strong yet loud & aggressive. The Wawa goose is a roadside attraction in Wawa, Ontario along the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy #17) in northern Ontario. The name "Wawa" means "wild goose or land of the big goose" in Ojibway, one of the native groups to inhabit the Lake Superior region for thousands of years.

This is the second incarnation of the goose monument. The original one, erected in 1960, was built to lure travellers into the town core but later it succumbed to the rough winter weather.

This latest one was built much more rugged and has a voice recording that tells of the local history. It measures over 8 meters high (27 ft) and 7 meters long (23 ft).

The is one of the most corny yet successful roadside attractions in North America. Millions of travellers have stopped to take a photo by this notorious plaster monument and venture into this unassuming and friendly town of Wawa.

It's big, it's tall, it's a goose and it always makes people smile. That's a good thing.

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Wawa, Ontario is 234 kilometers (3 hours) north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on the Trans Canada Highway (#17). This is one of the most corny but also one of the funniest. Don't miss the Wawa Goose on your next trip up north.

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