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Moonlight Kayaking near Victoria, BC

By Eric - Posted on 21 June 2011

Moonlight Kayaking near Victoria, BC

The calm water of the Sooke Basin was glassy and inviting at night. As we looked out at the darkened landscape from the rented oceanfront cottage on Vancouver Island, the moon seemed bigger and brighter in this rural oasis just outside of Victoria, BC. The night calls of an unseen owl lured my wife & me to one of the best kayaking trips in the Victoria area.

Down by the water, the air was cool and thick. The smell of the ocean grew as we approached the dock. It was just after 9:30 PM and, as quiet as thieves, we slipped our kayaks into the silent water. We hardly made a ripple yet the small splash sounded like thunder in this secluded bay.

The moon was our beacon and it illuminated our outdoor adventure along the jagged shore. All of nature’s beauty was bathed in a pale blue light showing exposed rocks, floating branches and even the ripple from a curious seal nearby.

Our headlamps were unnecessary for navigating the Sooke Basin but, putting safety before adventure, we donned our lights so other mariners could see our movement. However, we were the only ones out tonight.

Kayaking to Anderson Cove

Our moonlight paddle started in silence. The wind was non-existent. As we rounded one of the small islands, a soundless shadow flew overhead like an apparition, followed by a curious hoot that echoed in the night air. The resident owl that had lured us out in the first place, quickly sized us up and disappeared into the thick seaside rainforest.

We went along the southern shore towards Anderson Cove, viewing the oceanfront homes and cottages amongst the trees. We kept our voices low so as not to disturb the serenity and silence. To our left, across the Sooke Basin, we could see the headlights from cars on the highway twinkling through the trees.

The narrow entrance of Anderson Cove greeted us with cool air and a thin blanket of fog. The low-lying mist was silver in the moonlight but thin enough for us to make out the outline of yachts moored in the calm water.

We slipped into the cove without saying a word to each other. It was one of the rare moments where my wife & I enjoyed a romantic experience without speaking a word or even touching. We tried hard to quiet our paddles as our kayaks slipped through the water and the fog. The cove was inviting but we still felt like intruders.

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After 15 minutes amongst the silhouettes of the ships, we returned to the cottage and looked back at our moonlit path we had just taken. The memory and feelings of Anderson Cove and the Sooke Basin at night will never be forgotten. This was one of the most memorable kayaking trips around Victoria, BC.

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