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Gap Mountain in Kananaskis Country outside of Calgary, Alberta

By touring - Posted on 01 January 2010

Gap Mountain in Kananaskis Country outside of Calgary, Alberta

Located 1 hour west of Calgary or 30 minutes east from Banff, Kananaskis Country is a collection of provincial parks and wildlife reserves that make up a large sanctuary along the . K-Country is considered the playground for citizens of Calgary. This '' is called Gap Mountain and I have not heard of anyone hiking this steep & jagged peak.

The towering mountains in Kananaskis are in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. You'll find grassy meadows and crystal clear rivers which make for a perfect home for bear, elk, moose and mountain sheep. This is a spectacular alpine playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Calgary mountain in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada
Enjoy the undiscovered Rocky Mountains in Kananaskis, Alberta

Gap Mountain, shown in this photo, is located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and is a bit too rugged for average hikers and climbers. Further into K-country, you can drive to the tree-line of some mountains and walk to the peak (hiking boots are recommended).

In the summer, Kananaskis is popular with hikers, cyclists and kayakers. Highway 40 winds through the foothills and up to the alpine peaks near the tree line. This makes for a perfect .

With a good pair of hiking boots, you can make your way to the top of some of these front range peaks.

A viewpoint is located on the lower base of the Gap Mountain. Look for the Elpoca Viewpoint turnoff or the Little Highwood Pass turnoff. The Lakeview picnic area is located on the gravel road on the side of Gap Mountain and offers glimpses of Lower & . Bring bug spray in June & early July.

Year round access is available to Upper & Lower Kananaskis Lakes but access to Gap Mountain is from June 15 - December 1 of each year. The higher altitude area of the park is closed for the winter.

This photo was taken in mid-July when the alpine meadows are painted green with wild grass and flowers. Near the Highwood Pass, just south of Gap Mountain, snow pockets were still present at the side of the road. The hiking trail is located just minutes away and is a short but difficult path.

Things to do in Kananaskis

This photo was taken about 40 minutes south of the Highway 40 junction with the TransCanada Highway (hwy #1).

Follow the Google driving directions to this spot.

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Gap Mountain in Kananaskis, Alberta is located 140 kilometers from Calgary, Alberta.

If you're looking to hike to the top of a Calgary Mountain, or any other front range peak, you'll have lots to choose from in K-Country. There's plenty of .

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