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Hiking to Niagara Falls in Goldstream Park (Victoria, BC)

By touring - Posted on 22 July 2011

Hiking to Niagara Falls in Goldstream Park (Victoria, BC)

I love hiking in Goldstream Park, along the narrow paths that wind up and down through the thick rainforest. The is short but steep as it leads up a deep gorge.

Along the way, you'll pass the less-than-famous and trek to the end where a trestle railway bridge crosses the Niagara Canyon.

   Rating – Moderate due to the incline
   Distance – 1 kilometers to the trestle bridge
   Elevation Gain – 80 m
   Duration – 40 minutes one way (depending on the number of breaks you take).
   When to Go - Year-round but can be slippery in the winter & spring.

The trail starts in the northern section of the park, along the Trans Canada Highway. The starts its ascent here and the car noise quickly disappears as the forest gets thicker. Soon, all that is heard is Niagara Creek trickling over rocks and fallen stumps.

The hiking trail is usually muddy and requires a sturdy pair of hiking boots. The foot bridge is damp and slippery. To get a good photo of the waterfall, you need to traverse uneven ground and jagged rocks. Watch your step.

The path diverts at one point. One fork leads to the Gold Mine Trail while the other unofficial trail heads up to the trestle railway bridge.

Tips on Hiking to Niagara Falls

  • The path is kid-friendly but there are spots that can lead to a nasty fall.
  • The parking lot is only accessible to the southbound lane of the Trans Canada Highway (heading towards Victoria). If you’re parking at the main lot on the other side, be careful when crossing the road.
  • Most of the hike is within the canyon where little wind can penetrate. Hikers should dress in layers to avoid getting soaked with perspiration.
  • Don’t cross the trestle bridge as the E&N Dayliner still makes 2 daily trips on the rail-line. Remember that scene from the movie ?

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Hiking along the Niagara Creek in is fun and scenic. If you love outdoor adventures on Vancouver Island, consider this trek.

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