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Largest Sitka Spruce Tree in Canada on Vancouver Island, BC

By touring - Posted on 15 October 2010

Largest Sitka Spruce Tree in Canada on Vancouver Island, BC

This giant tree is the and the second largest in the world. You can find it at the San Juan River Recreation Site near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

This old-growth tree had a previous diameter of 3.7 m and a height of 62.5 m, which has been surpassed since this sign was erected. This Sitka spruce can be found about 20 minutes south of Port Renfrew, BC (3 hours travel time from Victoria, BC), along the logging roads of Vancouver Island.

If you enjoy giant trees, stop at the along the Pacific Marine Circle Route. It's a long , but in nice weather, it's a beautiful sightseeing tour.

The Sitka Spruce is the largest of the spruce family and can grow up to 70 meters. They grow in a narrow range along the west coast of British Columbia. While thick grooves can be found in the Haida Gwaii archipelago, single Sitka trees like this one can be found mixed with Douglas Fir, western red cedar and red alder.

The tree is near the main logging road, just past the bridge. No hiking is required to get this Sitka Spruce tree. There's a small campground located near the creek but it is on rough ground. Bears frequent this remote area. The logging roads can be in rough shape with potholes and washboard bumps but taken at a low speed, any two-wheel drive car can make the trip.

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This is one of the largest Sitka Spruce tree in Canada and is located in an isolate region about 2 hours northwest of Victoria, BC. It is one of the few trees to escape the saw-blade during the 1800's. It’s estimated to be over 400 years old and will probably continue to live well into the next century if protected. Find more photos of spectacular old growth trees in British Columbia at the website.

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