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Takakkaw Falls - Yoho National Park, BC

By paulgagnon - Posted on 16 November 2010

Takakkaw Falls - Yoho National Park, BC

This composite photograph of Takakkaw Falls captures the Rocky Mountain beauty of Yoho National Park near Field, British Columbia. The photo is actually 26 photos stitched together to make this entire view of the Mount Daly.

This is the second highest waterfall in Canada and is a "must see" for anyone visiting Yoho National Park and the neighbouring . Both attractions are only 30 minutes from Lake Louise, Alberta and just a short hope away from Field, BC.

Water free falls for more than 400 feet before encountering a rocky tier and then continues its 800 foot descent. The entire height of the waterfall from top to bottom is over 1,200 feet! Fed by the , the falls has a constant water source even in late summer but the highest flow is in late spring. In the winter, brave souls have been known to ice-climb in the area but not the full height of waterfall.

The Takakkaw waterfall is 14 km from the Trans Canada Highway and just outside the town of . The access road closes in early fall until late spring so unless you really love long hikes in winter, it's best to visit the falls in summer.

Hiking trails are abundant in the area but most trails are considered strenuous. On the way to the top, adventure seekers will have to crawl through a narrow tunnel. Those wanting to explore the Mount Daly Glacier should have crevasse rescue skills and equipment (rescue crews are a long distance away).

The name 'Takakkaw' is a word meaning, "It is magnificent". With a rocky tier high up, the cascading water flairs out from the vertical wall creating a feathery veil of soft water. This is one of most popular sites to visit in the Canadian Rocky Mountain parks.

Driving Directions to Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park

Driving directions to the waterfall from Lake Louise, Alberta - Head west for 25 kilometers along the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy #1). You'll be crossing the which separates the two provinces as well as marks the borders between Banff & .

Exit right onto Yoho Valley Road and follow for about 14 kilometers to the end.

Directions from - Drive 60 kilometers east along the Trans Canada Highway. 3 kilometers past the Field, BC exit, turn left onto Yoho Valley Road and follow for about 14 kilometers to the end.

The Yoho Valley Road is paved but narrow, windy and hilly and is not recommended for large RV's over 7 meters (21 feet) nor vehicles towing trailers. Trailers must be dropped off at a designated lot at the start of the road near the campground.

Large RV's will have to go up the second switchback backwards! For instructions on driving to the waterfall, visit or call the Visitor's Information Center in Field, BC (1-250-343-6783; open mid-May to Thanksgiving Weekend). The following video was taken along the access road.

The access road is closed in the winter and becomes a cross country ski trail as far as the switchbacks. After that, the trail is not maintained and does not have any services after that point.

Source: - Current Driving Conditions, Field, BC.

can be seen from a fair way back along the access road. Follow the short, paved path to the base of the waterfall where you'll have stunning views of the cascading water. If the mist is too cool, hike some of the unpaved trails and get excellent vantage points for photographs.

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