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Niagara Falls - Victoria BC

By touring - Posted on 21 July 2011

Niagara Falls - Victoria BC

There are two waterfalls named Niagara Falls in Canada. There’s the more famous one in southern Ontario and a tiny, remote one tucked deep in a gorge just outside of Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.

Ok, so this smaller sibling doesn't measure up to the former but it is picturesque as the feathery water cascades into a crystal clear pool at the bottom. Water volume is highest in the winter. In the summer, during the dry season, only a trickle streams down the rocky face. The lush rainforest dampens the sound.

Niagara Falls, OntarioNiagara Falls, Victoria BC
Height57 m47.5m
Width671 m5 m
Water Volume6000 m3/secondless than 5 m3/second

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Hikers can find in , just outside of the city.

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