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Hiking East Sooke Park - Pike Road Hike (Sooke, BC)

By Eric - Posted on 13 March 2010

Hiking East Sooke Park - Pike Road Hike (Sooke, BC)

Pike Road Trail - An Easy and Scenic Hike

The Pike Road Hike is an easy trail through the forests of East Sooke Park on Vancouver Island. Located 25 minutes from Victoria, BC, this flat path follows an old mining road to a horseshoe-shaped cove with views of coastal wildlife and Olympic Mountains of Washington State. The path is flat and suitable for people of all fitness levels.

  • Trail Name - Pike Road Hike in East Sooke Park
  • Rating - Easy
  • Duration - 25 minutes one way
  • Length - 1 kilometer
  • Fitness Level - Low. The trail is dirt and packed-gravel.
  • Location - 45 minutes from downtown Victoria, BC (25 minutes from Langford).
  • Trail Condition - Well groomed with some muddy puddles in the winter & spring.
  • Views - Classic Vancouver Island scenery including trees, a rocky shoreline & lots of birds.

is an unknown, untamed natural park that feels much farther from the city than it actually is. The Pike Road hike is one of the easiest hikes in the park and should be considered just a scenic walk (wheel-chair friendly).

This hiking trail is one of my favourite because it shows the beauty of southern Vancouver Island. It's the beginning (or end) of the , one of the premier day hikes in Canada!

The trail head is located on the western side of East Sooke Park and follows an old mining road that was used by a former copper & iron mine. It's flat & well groomed and is a quiet escape from the urban world.

In the spring, the surrounding forest is loud with birdsongs and mating calls, especially near the inland marsh. Robins, osprey, geese & vultures can be seen and heard overhead. The guttural grunt of the blue heron will echo throughout the cove when you get too close. On one occasion, an approaching hiker excitedly explained how he had just been dive-bombed by an owl as it tried to grab his hat.

The trail ventures through a dense second-growth forest. Trees in this area were felled in the 1800's to build the growing capital city of Victoria and have re-grown to monstrous size.

These enormous trees include Douglas Fir, Hemlock, maple and even Sitka Spruce near the ocean. The mild climate of southern Vancouver Island is considered a temperate rainforest.

How to Get to East Sooke Park

East Sooke Park is 40 minutes from downtown Victoria, BC (or 25 minutes from suburban Langford). The Pike Road parking lot is the furthest public access point in the park. This is a good hike to include when on a .

Driving directions to East Sooke Park.

The Pike Road entrance is 8.5 kilometers from the Gillespie Road & East Sooke Road junction. There are two parking lots. The trail head starts from the lower one.

There are toilet facilities at both ends of the trail as well as picnic areas and nature displays. Signs are present at all trail junctions.

Horses are allowed on the path but this trail is too short for all of the effort in trailering them here. The adjoining Coast Trail is too rough and slippery for their hooves. Consider the nearby instead.

Dogs are permitted on the trail but must be leashed. They are not permitted on the beach or in the picnic areas.

This is a wilderness reserve and home to cougars, black bears and martens (all seen very rarely). To avoid any unfortunate wildlife encounters, it's encouraged to keep pets under control at all time.

Do not keep valuables in your vehicle as break-ins in these remote regions do occur.

The Pike Road Hike is an easy introduction to . It shows the wilds of the coastal rainforest and the beauty of the rugged coastline. If you want an easy , this is the trail to follow.

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