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Harris Creek Spruce Tree - Port Renfrew, BC

By touring - Posted on 13 December 2010

Harris Creek Spruce Tree - Port Renfrew, BC

As we continued our journey on the 255 kilometer Pacific Marine Circle Route on our , we enjoyed a quiet stop at the base of the giant . Located northeast of Port Renfrew, BC, this massive tree somehow managed to escape the saw blade in the 1800's.

This giant Sitka spruce tree towers above the surrounding 2nd growth forest. The original in this part of Vancouver Island is long gone. It's puzzling to see this giant tree, so easily accessible from the road, continue its healthy growth skyward. It's over 80 meters tall and wider than our car. The thick mossy branches are larger than most tree in the rest of North America.

It's well over 200 years old and will probably live for hundreds more. Even though it's not protected in a provincial park, the respect and awe from visitors and locals will probably let it be. Help it thrive by not stepping on its roots.

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This was the second giant tree we saw along the Pacific Marine Circle Route, a long . The is located about an hour away in the San Juan Recreational site south of Port Renfrew.

The Harris Creek Sitka Spruce tree is located along the roughly paved Harris Creek Road between Port Renfrew & Cowichan Lake. The roadside turnoff is well marked and the hike to the tree takes less than 1 minute along a well-groomed path. Check out other .

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