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Basic Tips for Camping Safely

By frangivens - Posted on 11 April 2011

Basic Tips for  Camping Safely

For those that are just starting their camping and , there are several tips that you need to follow to make sure that your trek is fun and safe.

  1. Always pack a first aid kit. This cannot be stressed enough. Even though most people believe that they are not going to have problems, accidents do happen and an emergency kit is the one thing that helps saves lives. People should familiarize themselves with how to use the supplies and to recognize when they have a problem that requires medical attention.
  2. Make sure that you check the weather before you go and to pack everything that may be necessary if the weather changes for the worse. This means rain slickers, boots, extra bedding and so forth.
  3. Know the area where you're going to be camping. Familiarize yourself with the local wildlife, insects and plants that may be encountered. You will thank yourself later when you could tell the difference between a poison ivy plant and an edible herb.

  4. Bring a flashlight and extra batteries. Even though you may have a campfire, a flashlight gives you a bit more light to see. Flashlights come in handy when someone has to step away from the campsite or when they want to scare off animals that may be coming out of the darkness. Be sure to keep it in your tent beside your sleeping bag and .
  5. Clean up after yourself. This means that you should be cleaning up trash all the time not just when you are ready to leave. The scent of food may draw animals close. Throw all wrappers and food into a sealed plastic bag so that the scent does not attract unwanted attention. Many times people are told to bury the food however, this is going to attract more animals, so make sure to dispose of it properly.

Overall, there is going to be tons of advice that people are going to give you once you go camping. However, keep theses camping tips in mind so that you make sure that the camping trip is one that is fun and safe for you and your fellow hikers.

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