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Dark Orion - Orion, Alberta

By Vaughn - Posted on 09 September 2010

Dark Orion - Orion, Alberta

This photo was taken on an adventure to the small town of Orion, outside of Medicine Hat, Alberta. There was a large amount of decaying and abandoned houses within the city limits... this one in particular was quite photogenic.

This mesmerizing photo that shows the loneliness & decrepitude of Orion was taken by , a web developer and photographer based in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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Orion, Alberta is a small community in southeastern Alberta, close to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. The grassland in this area is semi-arid with cycles of rain & drought, bounty & famine that can last for decades at a times. and deer can be seen in the fallow fields.

Orion, Alberta was a former agricultural town with general stores and a grain elevator and peaked in population at around 150. But years of drought have left this community like a ghost town, with abandoned homes and shops. Even the grain elevator was razed a few years ago. The only thing that remains in Orion, Alberta are great photo opportunities. Thanks Vaughn Royko for making the making the trip!

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